Christian Content

Christian Dailly is pleased with the way pre-season is going and reckons it is building up nicely for the start of the season.

Of the 2-1 win over Colchester on Wednesday, he says:

"It was a bit better than Saturday but you are going to get games like that because we have just been training so hard every day.

"The boys are playing the games a little bit leggy because of the volume of training we have been putting in but with the grass being a bit shorter at Colchester we were able to pass the ball about a bit better.

"We did well in Sweden and Saturday was probably the only game where we didn't play as well as we are capable of - but things are going okay.

"Preseason is always 11 months on and one month off, basically, and in the month off the players were told to do nothing.

"When we came back we have been blasting it hard, and when you do that there is going to be signs of soreness and stiffness because the players here are an honest bunch and work so hard - but it is not fatigue from last season, it is just from this season's training.

"It was definitely better at Colchester and things are going fine; the whole training programme has been well run and we have managed to stay clear of muscle injuries.

"It has been well structured and I think it is a good thing that the manager is getting a full pre-season with us, because he came in during last season.

"Now he can get more of his ideas over and hopefully we can build."

Christian was pleased with the performance of Matthew Etherington at Layer Road; his first goal set the Hammers up nicely.

"He looked very sharp; he is a big player for us on that left hand side who did very well last season and can hopefully do it again this term," he says.

He is also pleased by the signing of Teddy Sheringham as well and says:

"Teddy has come in with his vast experience; he will be a big player for us this season and plays that position really well.

"I think he will be great for Marlon and Bobby to learn from with his positioning and intelligence - he will be a big asset for us."

As for the imminent arrival of Sergei Rebrov, he concludes:

"I think he will play and he is the type of player that is going to score if he gets a chance so I think it is quite exciting."