Roger Reunited

Roger Cross is pleased to be able to work once more with Teddy Sheringham - and approves of the signing of Sergei Rebrov as well.

"There have been a few new additions and things are going well," says Roger, who has worked with three managers at the club.

"They are players of quality, there is no doubt about that, and I have worked with Ted before, when he was at Millwall as a kid and came though into the first team - and we all know what he has achieved since then.

"Rebrov is a player of real quality as well, and an international player; he is very sharp, bright, and intelligent, and he can finish as well.

"I know his goal scoring has not been good for the last couple of seasons but he has been shifted around a little bit.

"Without any doubt he has real quality and he has not really had a run up front lately, which is his best position.

"When he first went to Spurs he had a good season, as far as I can remember, then Glenn Hoddle came to the club and felt he and Teddy were too similar.

"So Rebrov was the one not to play, and he didn't get too many games - but Teddy and the rest of the lads think he is a quality player."

While Sergei has been away in Ukraine, Roger has seen Teddy at close quarters for several days now and says:

"You couldn't ask for anyone better than Teddy; since he has been with us he has been a great example of a senior professional who goes about his training well.

"His approach to everything is first class - and it should rub off on everybody."

Roger has also been impressed with another summer signing, James Walker, and he adds:

"He is very popular with the lads, he is very agile, and a good shot-stopping goalkeeper.

"He has been Walsall's keeper for a very long time and a lot of people rated him in the top five keepers in that division for quite a few seasons - and he certainly is that."

Looking to the new season, he concludes:

"Everybody must really focus on this season to put in the performances in every game we play.

"We don't really want to be going where we were last season, we want to be doing it without having to go into any playoff games - and I sense a real determination in the players about that, I really do.

"I always look forward to the new campaign - there have been a few now!

"But never until the day it starts because I know there is still preparation to do before the seventh of August."