Adam's Excited

Adam Nowland can't wait for the opportunity to play alongside Teddy Sheringham - and hopes some of his magic rubs off on him.

"I am just looking forward to playing in front of the fans, especially with Teddy Sheringham being in the team," says Adam.

"I think we have got some exciting times ahead.

"Teddy is a massive name in the game and I have looked up to him for a long time, as, I am sure, have many of the young players.

"I am sure he will be there to help us along and give us the experience he has got to make the team better.

"I am looking forward to playing with an experienced and top level player.

"It is not only about what he will bring to the team but what he will do to the opposition knowing he is in the side - and what he will give to us with his cleverness and technical ability.

"It is going to be fantastic playing with him and I am looking forward to it."