Tony: A Good Deal

Tony Gale says that the sale of David Connolly to Leicester represents good business.

"I think Alan must have someone in mind whereby he can start wheeling and dealing with a few bob.

"500 grand in for David Connolly hopefully means Alan has got something in the pipeline," he says.

"Unfortunately we didn't go up last season so Alan is doing a little bit of wheeling and dealing in the transfer market and probably has someone in mind to bring in."

Arguably, David's sale increases the likelihood of Marlon Harewood playing a more traditional forward role, and Tony explains:

"I feel that maybe in hindsight Alan will look at that and think that maybe Marlon was out of the way a little bit, shall we say, and positionally couldn't quite get his bearings on that right hand side.

"I feel as a wide player he sometimes tended to mark himself on the touchline, which I know some of the supporters won't understand; what I mean is that he had two ways to run when he played in the middle but when he played as a winger he only had one way to run, and he was never really comfortable receiving the ball with his back to the touchline and the getting at players.

"And there was the defensive side of the job as well - and I think that returning up front means we will see him score a few more goals.

"It is very, very important that we get off to a good start to the season, so no doubt Alan and Peter are getting them working hard back in England, getting the match practice in, and making sure we get off to a flyer.

"That will be important, not only after the way things ended, but for the fans as well to see that the team is making strides."