Jobi: Big One Ahead

Jobi McAnuff acknowledges that it is a massive season ahead - and feels Teddy Sheringham could be just the man to make it go well for the Hammers.

"This is a big, big season for the players and the club as a whole," he stresses, underlining the importance of the campaign that begins on August 7th.

Of Teddy Sheringham's signing, he enthuses:

"It is a big boost to all the players; there are a lot of young lads here who can learn from him - he has got a lot of quality and he can teach us a lot."

He is ready to deal with the weight of expectancy surrounding Upton Park and adds:

"I have always known West Ham was a big club but coming here and seeing it for myself echoes what I thought already.

"Pressure has never been a problem to me, to be honest; I just go out and play my own game.

"I have had a bit of time to settle in now and I am looking forward to the new season.

"Pre-season was very short - hardly refreshing! - and you just have to get on with it - one of the good things was that there was no time to lose fitness, so that is something positive to come out of it."

He says he will use the pain of just missing out on promotion last season will spur him on this, and adds:

"The feeling is definitely there still; it was a massive disappointment to lose but we have to use that to make sure we go up."