Alan's Satisfied

Alan Pardew declares himself pleased with the Swedish tour which ended with a 3-1 win on Monday evening.

"We are very happy that we came through the game on a difficult pitch with a good victory," he says of the win over Friska Viljor.

"We played well in the first half with a good goal from Hutch and then a good goal from Nigel.

"In the second half we looked tired, to be honest; we have had a tough week and people were a bit lacklustre.

"But we scored another good goal through Hayden Mullins."

The players have come through the trio of games unbeaten and unscathed, and Alan says:

"Everyone has come through injury-free on this trip so we are very pleased with that, obviously.

"They haven't had a moment's peace, to be honest, but they have all survived it - and will be better for it."

Although the games were played in a relatively remote area of Sweden, there was still some support for the Hammers, and Alan Pardew is grateful for that.

"I would like to thank the people that travelled out here," he says.

"We have had a lot of the Norwegian fan base come down to see us and a few little pockets of English fans who have made an eight hour bus journey from Stockholm, so 'well played' to them."