You Can Do It...

Peter Grant backs up Alan Pardew's assertion that Youssef Sofiane has a good opportunity to make a name for himself at Upton Park.

Alan says that he has an open mind about the young forward who spent much of last season out on loan in France, and Peter echoes those thoughts.

"Youssef was away on loan last season but now we have the opportunity to see him and we have to judge him on how he is against the opposition here in Sweden," he says.

"Regarding his work rate and his training there are no problems whatsoever - he has dug in and done everything that has been asked of him.

"Over the next period of time we will look at his qualities and see if he can improve the side; and if he can't, we would tell him quickly, like we would anybody else.

"We can't stand still; we have got to move forward and to do that we have to pick the best team available to us and we will not keep anyone that feels they could do better being away.

"Youssef has the same opportunities as anyone else - and it is up to him to grab it.

"He has got the pace, there is no doubt about that; with the testing we have done he has been up there with the rest of them.

"It is fantastic to have those fitness levels because that is a big, big part of the modern game, but you also have to have the ability to go along with it - and that is the thing we will be judging over the next period of time as well."