James Settling In

James Walker, who made his Hammers debut this week in Sweden, says he is settling in to his new club quickly.

After 10 years at Walsall, he could be forgiven for being a bit disorientated, but he insists:

"The lads have made me feel welcome and I am rooming with Rufus Brevett so that has been an eye-opener.

"He is a Derby lad as well so we will show the southern lads what it is all about."

He made his debut against Umea on Tuesday, playing half a game, and says:

"It is just about getting back to games, getting the positioning right, and fitness - you can't read too much into things at this stage.

"It was good to get a West Ham shirt on and get a clean sheet. We had a hard week up to it and there is a lot of hard work still to be done."

He had a slight strain but says:

"The hamstring was a bit tight and, although we played on astroturf that was very good, it is still not the same as grass. I have had a bit of treatment on it and it is fine."

James is getting to know his new 'oppo' Steve Bywater, and adds:

"It is nice to work with him and up close you see even more what a good keeper he is; whoever plays will wish the other all the best. That is why there is a goalkeepers' union - you have to get on, it is an unwritten rule!

"We are going for the same position but Steve is a great lad and a great keeper so whatever happens will be for the best."

James will wear the number 23, rather than number 13 shirt, and admits:

"That is superstition!"