Peter Positive

Peter Grant says the first few days of pre-season training have been very positive indeed.

"Pre-season training is about getting the players as fit as they possibly can be, and that means them all being ready for August 7th, and having a full squad to choose from.

"That is why Tony Strudwick and John Green are so important for us - because of the sports science element that comes into it.

"In the old days it used to be running eight miles and being stiff as a board the next day and you couldn't move, but you had to do it again - and that is when all the strains kicked in.

"The boys will tell you, though, that the training has been very hard, but it has been enjoyable, because 90% of it has been done with the ball.

"It wasn't so long ago that it was the norm amongst all clubs just to be running, and if you were the first to be sick you thought you had done enough.

"Now it is scientific; some people disagree with it and some agree, but I think you can see it in the players' fitness.

"They have been able to get into their stride a lot quicker; they are looking great after four weeks off and they are looking in good shape.

"It is just a matter of maintaining that for the seventh (of August) because everything you do is geared to that and the first game against Leicester."

Peter is calling on the younger players in the squad to push for a place, and he adds:

"Everyone that is involved in that squad, when they get a taste of it, has to want more of it.

"It is like giving someone dinner - you can't force them to eat it.

"Now you give them a platform to play in, and you want from everyone that they desire to be part of that team.

"For us, it doesn't matter whether you are 40 or whether you are 20 - if you are good enough, and are doing the job that is asked, you will be in the side."

Peter says there have been benefits off the training ground as well - what time there is after doing double sessions - and explains:

"It is great to have eight or nine days with people and get to know them that little bit better individually.

"They have been very, very good in amongst each other, and pushing each other in training.

"That is going to be very important over the season when you are in a difficult time in a game or whatever and you need others pushing you through - and that is what we are trying to implement over here."