Introducing Your New Access Card

As part of our continuing efforts to offer season ticket holders as efficient a service as possible we are always looking to exploit new technology to the benefit of both the supporter and the club. We are therefore pleased to confirm that from season 2004/2005 season ticket holders in the Bobby Moore stand lower tier will be issued with a new  'proximity reader card' to replace the traditional season ticket book and the old method of admission by presenting a match voucher from the book to the turnstile operator.

Here we seek to answer a few questions you may have and to help explain how the card works and what benefits it will offer the supporter.

Q - When will I receive my card?

A- All cards will have been distributed by first class post to Bobby Moore stand lower tier season ticket holders no later then Friday 23rd July and we would expect them to be received soon after. 

Q - Who has been issued with an access card?

A - For season 2004/2005 the only season ticket holders who will be using the new access card will be those in the Bobby Moore stand lower tier. Whilst it is our intention eventually to extend the system to all stands, other areas will continue to use the existing method of entry for the forthcoming season at least.

Q - How will I know where I am sitting?

A - All season ticket holders' seat information will be clearly shown on the card, including row and seat number and the exact turnstile numbers via which you must enter.

Q - What are the benefits of the new card?

A - The new access card provides benefits to both the supporter and the club. Most importantly the card will allow quicker access through the turnstiles thereby minimising queues and allowing supporters to get to their seats more quickly.

The system has already been successfully used on a much larger scale at a Premiership venue throughout season 2003/04 and is also being installed at various venues around Europe. All have reported quicker flow rates of supporters into the stadium.  

There are also a number of security features with the new access card. Your card will be impossible to duplicate thereby preventing the risk of forgery. Also should your card be reported either lost or stolen the original can be disabled preventing wrongful use of the card.

Q - Can my card be used for Cup Games?

A - Yes, one of the cards most attractive features is the ability for a season ticket holder, within the advertised booking period, to purchase his/her designated seat for a home cup tie and to gain entry using their access card without the need to be issued with a match ticket. This will be of particular benefit to supporters for matches staged at short notice such as Cup replays. 

We are also pleased to announce that, from season 2004/2005, the ticket office will be introducing a new online booking facility for all supporters. More details of this overdue addition to our service will follow shortly but one particular benefit to season ticket holders will be the facility to purchase their designated seat for a home cup match via the internet. Bobby Moore stand lower tier season ticket holders will then be able to use their access cards to gain admission to that particular fixture without the need to contact the ticket office or wait for a ticket to arrive through the post. 

If you were to purchase an alternative seat in the Bobby Moore stand lower tier you may still use your card to gain admission but you will need to sit in the seat allocated to you, details of which would be given to you either by email or at the ticket office counter if you made the purchase in person.  

Q - What information is held on the card?

A - The information stored on the card includes your name and customer number along with all your seat details.

Q - How does the access card work?

A -  The access card will only allow the season ticket holder to gain entry via the turnstile numbers shown on the card. To enter the stadium you simply hold the card stationary against the illustration shown on the reader - there is no need to swipe or move the card.

This reader then accesses a database to confirm that the card is valid for that game. A series of lights on the inside of the turnstile will show whether the card is valid for an adult or a concession rate or whether there are any problems to be dealt with.   

Q - What happens if I have a problem with my card?

A - Should there be any problems a number of stewards will be available both outside and inside the turnstile to assist you.

Whilst we appreciate it may take a few games for season ticket holders to get acquainted with their new access cards we are confident that they will soon appreciate the benefits the card has to offer. 

Q - What happens if I lose or forget my access card? 

A- As soon as you realise you have lost your access card you should report it to the Ticket Office. Assuming it has not already been used to enter the stadium the original card will be cancelled and a new card issued. There will be a non-refundable charge of £40 for replacing lost cards 

Should you forget your card for one match the ticket office will, subject to confirming that your access card has not already been used, issue you with a single use match day ticket. There will be a non-refundable administration charge for this procedure.