Kevin On The Cup

Kevin Horlock reckons that Wolves did not pay West Ham enough respect in the FA cup last weekend - and is delighted to have got through to the next round.

"It was always going to be a difficult game against a Premiership side which is where we want to be so we knew we had to go there and make a name for ourselves," he says.

"People had us down as underdogs but we didn't see it like that; we knew if we were on our game we had a right good chance of winning and so it proved.

"We started really well like we did at Sheffield United but unlike that game we carried it all the way through and defended well.

"Steve made some very good saves and maybe that was the turning point of the second half; overall it was a good performance."

As a fan, Kevin knew the importance of keeping Paul Ince subdued, and he smiles:

"I understand that, but being a footballer I can appreciate people do move on to different things; he is still a quality player and it was important that if we kept him quiet we could stop the problems he could cause us.

"But it wasn't just about keeping him quiet; we knew that if we could do our thing that would be important and I think we did that.

"People might look at that result and see that it was a very good performance.

"They are a good team, there is no doubt about that; their manager rested a few players but and we looked at that and thought maybe it was a little disrespectful to ourselves.

"We think we are better than that they could leave out some top players - but it was still up to us to put our point across and I think we were doing that.

"You look at it and see players that would perhaps be playing and you think it is a bit disrespectful to us as a team and as players so that got our backs up a little bit.

"But we went there to put everything into it and we did, and they still had good players in there.

"We took heart from the game and we carry it to the Rotherham game in the league, which is a massive one."

Does the win give him heart that West Ham can be a Premiership force again?

"It is a bit early to say and there is a lot of water to pass under the bridge before then; we feel we can do a job in this division but it is time we started doing it," he says.

"We are not where we want to be in this division - we are a long way off - but it is about putting results together, climbing high, and getting into contention this season.

"If we do that this club can certainly hold itself in the Premiership; it has done so before and it can do so again.

"But that is a long way off and we have to get on with getting results in the first division - because, sadly, that is where we are.

"It was all set up nicely for a West Ham win; perhaps we have been blowing hot and cold in the first division but on our day we are quality and we proved that at Wolves, especially in the first half.

"They are probably three of the best goals you could see in that round of the FA cup - they were quality.

"Deano's was spot on, there was the one we work on in training, and Conners was unbelievable with a great finish which we know he is capable of.

"That is what you need at a club like West Ham, competition for places, and we have certainly got that.

"No one is guaranteed a place and that hopefully builds up to good performances week in, week out.

"It is back to the bread and butter after the FA cup and that is what we are all aiming for - to get out of this division.

"We just want to pick up points and get out of this division."