Adam: I Can't Wait

Adam Nowland has completed his signing from Wimbledon - and says he cannot wait for the opportunity to compete for a place in West Ham's talented midfield.

He will be an interested spectator on Sunday, as he is cuptied of course, and, by way of a change, here is a Q and A with Alan Pardew's latest recruit.

Q: Is the move a bit of a surprise?

"It is a surprise, I suppose, but it is a great opportunity for me and I am looking forward to it."

Q: I suppose, as a Wimbledon player, you know you could be moving every day...

"The situation at the club is like that a little bit where you didn't know from one day to the next who was going and staying so as soon as I heard West Ham were interested that was it for me."

Q: There have been some up and down spells for you since moving from Blackpool but do you now feel you are on an upward curve?

"I think has coincided with me moving into central midfield; that is when I started playing my best football and definitely it has gone very well and I have enjoyed my football.

"I want to keep on enjoying my football, hopefully here now."

Q: So you are settled on being a central midfielder as opposed to a striker?

"Central midfield is definitely my favourite position and I get to influence the game a lot more in there - and I am looking forward to doing it here at West Ham."

Q: But you will still pop up with a few goals for us?

"I like getting my shots off as well and goalscoring is one of the favourite parts of my game - hopefully I can do it here as I have at Wimbledon recently."

Q: You have already done it against West Ham this season...

"That was a little reserve performance for 45 minutes coming back from injury and I managed to grab a couple of goals there which I enjoyed a lot.

"It was such a great experience playing on that pitch in that stadium and I am looking forward to doing so again soon."

Q: Alan told me he felt you gave us the runaround that night.

"He did mention it to me that was maybe the first time I came into his thoughts, which was helpful to me, and after that he has seen me a few games.

"It was an enjoyable game against a very good West Ham reserve team."

Q: Although we look forward to seeing you playing in midfield, there are a heck of a lot of players to get through...

"I know about the strength of the squad and especially the central midfield players at this club; I am versatile but at the same time my favourite position is central midfield.

"I can play on the right and the left and maybe in behind the strikers so there is a lot of scope there for me to maybe get into the team and then once I have settled in then hopefully I can get the role that I want in the team.

"But whichever way gets me onto the pitch is the main thing for me just to be able to go out there and show the fans and the rest of the team what sort of player I am - and get the respect of the players."

Q: I suppose mentally you have to adapt to being a small fish in a big sea now, not necessarily getting a game every week.

"That is definitely the case but I have experienced that before when I came from Blackpool; it was like that a little bit because there were a lot of players with people like David Connolly, Shipperley, and Ardley at Wimbledon.

"I feel I can settle in rather quickly and get on with playing my football.

"You are rejoining David; I don't know if you were mates but he is obviously someone you know.

"I know a lot about David Connolly and he is a fantastic player; he is great to play with because he is a very talented player with amazing skills - and I am looking forward to linking up with him again."

Q: And you have come with Nigel Reo-Coker, who gets a lot of publicity and is a player that a few clubs have chased.

"He gets that publicity for a reason because he is a great young player with a lot of attributes, and great potential which he has shown already.

"He was captain of Wimbledon Football Club and I enjoyed every minute of playing alongside him in midfield - and I am hoping that link-up can come again soon."

Q: When did you first find out about the move?

"I only found out a week and a half or maybe two weeks ago; that's when I was awate of any sort of interest.

"It has happened rather quickly but I think that is the best way and as soon as I heard West Ham were interested that was that - I wanted to come to this club.

"It has got a great tradition, it is a massive club, and hopefully we can get into the top flight where this club belongs."

Q: Alan said to me yesterday, in a nice way, that you were a bit of a maverick - is that a decent description?

"When I met Alan it was a very, very interesting conversation, put it that way.

"He had a lot of good things to say about me but also there were things that need to be improved - and I am aware of that.

"I am still young and I agree with his assessment of me - any negatives there are there I will have to dispel as soon as I can."

Q: You are not another Paolo Di Canio are you?!

"It is the sort of name I can't be linked with because he is an unbelievable talent but I am not in that mould, I don't think - I just want to be known for my own attributes and whatever I have got to bring to the team."

Q: Is character and perhaps temperament something you are working on?

"I don't think it is the fact that I am working on it now; I think as a younger player it was maybe a problem for me.

"But, maybe, as I have grown up and matured a bit it isn't as much of a problem now, and I just want to get into training and get in with the lads to show them what I can do and that I am ready to be part of the team now."

Q: Perhaps it is a different kind of pressure going from the bottom to higher up the league?

"It is a different kind of pressure and a pressure I am going to enjoy.

"I haven't really played in front of massive crowds week in week out and I know that the fan base here is superb, so I am looking forward to getting in front of that crowd and showing them what I can do.

"But also, being relatively near the top of the league, we want to get in there and get in the mix to progress this season.

Q: I am not going to quiz you about West Ham but do you know much about the club?

"I am not too clued up though I am a student of the game; I do love every side of the game and I like watching my football.

"I am not going to kid you and say I know a lot about West Ham's history but I am going to spend time learning and I am just really happy that I have joined such a massive club."

Q: I suppose you were a Blackpool fan when you were a kid?

"In fact, I was a Preston fan which made it doubly hard for me because Preston and Blackpool's rivalry is legendary, really.

"So I was a Preston fan as a kid because it was my home town but I was a bigger Liverpool fan, to be honest."

Q: As long as it isn't Tottenham, fine.

"No problem!"

Q: Do you think we can get back up there and turn it round?

"I am not sure it is a case of turning it round; I think even though the results probably haven't been as consistent as the fans probably would have liked we are still up there five points off the playoffs - and not that far off the automatics.

"Bringing in people like Nigel and with the squad that is already here I think there is strength there to definitely get in the playoffs and even better - it is definitely the aim to progress and be in there with a shout of getting promotion."