Mellors Blow

Neil Mellor is likely to be missing at Wolves in the FA cup at the weekend as the Hammers hope to avoid a third fourth round exit on the trot in the competition.

Says Alan Pardew:

"Neil Mellor has got a calf strain which is a real shame because after the injury he sustained - which was a horrible one - he has really worked hard, and I just felt after last week he was back to himself.

"Obviously he came on against Sheffield United and now we have lost him, hopefully not for that long, but I think it will keep him out Saturday, which is a shame for him - and us."

There is still a 'softly softly' approach to Steve Lomas, but Alan is confident progress is being made.

"Steve Lomas is irreplaceable at this level for us," he says.

"He is battling away and focusing on that at the moment but we need him quickly as part of the infrastructure because he adds so much to us.

"But we are being patient with him and hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later."

As for Rob Lee, Alan adds:

"Rob Lee is getting closer; he can't train full on at the moment but we have to be cautious.

"He isn't far away and he is another big addition when he returns - we are going to need his experience, especially in the run-in when things start to get a bit hectic."