Nigel: Glad To Be Here

Nigel Reo-Coker completed his move to West Ham on Wednesday evening - and insists he came because he feels West Ham can get promotion this season.

"I am delighted to have signed and really looking forward to the chance of playing," he says.

"There is a lot of potential at West Ham with the players and the manager we have here.

"It is a big club and there is the opportunity to do well - and get back in the Premiership."

Nigel reveals that Alan Pardew being the manager was a major factor in him choosing Upton Park ahead of the other tempting offers he had, and he adds:

"He was definitely a big influence in my decision; I had heard about him, I asked about him, and I know a few players that have played under him.

"He is looking at the development of the club as well as the player so hopefully we can rise together."

He is not expecting to hang around the first division too long, and he adds:

"I believe that West Ham can definitely get back into the Premiership first time, there are no doubts about it.

"We haven't lost many games though I know there have been a lot of draws - and I have every confidence things can move upwards."

He played against West Ham earlier in the season, thoroughly enjoying the experience, and he adds:

"It was great; because West Ham had just been relegated everyone who plays against West Ham thinks they have a point to prove and seems to give that bit extra - and play out of their skin."

Nigel can't wait to start learning from his more experienced new colleagues, and he says:

"I am looking forward to working with the great midfielders such as Michael Carrick and Hayden Mullins here.

"There are so many good players, some of whom I know already such as David Connolly and Jermain Defoe who I have played with.

"If I can supply a few for Jermain Defoe then hopefully we will be laughing!"

Nigel says he has no role models as such, although Dons boss Stuart Murdoch recently compared him with Paul Ince.

"I don't model myself on anyone, really but Paul Ince is someone I looked up to at school," he says.

"I admire Patrick Vieira who is a living legend and a real box to box player."

Nigel is glad the saga is now over and he adds:

"It has been a hectic day and there was a lot of travelling and meetings with lots to sort out."

But he will have to be patient in making his debut - he is, of course, ineligible to play in the cup on Sunday - but he sees a positive in that as well.

"I have got a week to get to know my new team mates, so from that point of view it is no bad thing," he concludes.