Tony: Good Deals

Tony Gale reckons that Alan Pardew has done the right thing in allowing David James to move on - and feels the acquisition of Rami Shaaban on loan is a good move.

"I have seen Rami play for Arsenal; he is not a bad goalie and he has got that vital thing that Stephen hasn't, which is experience in case things go wrong, but I assume they are going to give Stephen a chance," says Tony.

"Buying time is what it is all about and getting the right one in instead of doing it on a rush job."

Regarding the sale of James, Tony adds:

"David James' bid came in rather late and we had to get shot because it weas there and David Seaman had retired at the time so you don't want to miss the boat when a good deal comes along.

"Alan is waiting for his time to make his swoop - like he should.

"We have probably saved ourselves in the region of about £6m or £7m in wages and the fee coming in as well so, although it is a shame he has gone, of course, the team needs strengthening in more important areas as well - which hopefully Alan will have the funds to do."

In the meantime, Tony is backing Steve Bywater to do the business and adds:

"Stephen needs a chance and you never know until they are put in the team and that is all he can ask for.

"It has come a bit suddenly - but good luck to him."

As for Anthony Barness, whose propose loan deal to West Ham from Bolton has been put on hold, Tony adds:

"He is a steady player; I have seen him at Charlton and also at Bolton Wanderers so if he does come back it will bide us over for a certain amount of time."