Neil: We'll Bounce Back

Neil Mellor hopes that the defeat by Preston at the weekend was just "a blip."

"It was another home defeat and the lads were all disappointed because we had the game won, and then gave away two silly goals - but that is the way it has been this season," says Neil, one of four strikers who finished the game in a West Ham shirt at Upton Park last Saturday.

"It was two goals in a short space of time and if we had got the second it would have killed them off.

"To be honest they could have had a third or even fourth but before we had dominated.

"It was a big defeat for us but we have to stay positive with a big game coming up - it is a new year and we have to try and put the defeat behind us.

"We need to have the fans on our side but defeats like that don't help.

"West Ham are a big side that need to be in the Premiership and we need to be fighting for the championship - but at the moment we are not there.

"Up to this point they have always backed us and hopefully they can continue because we are still fighting for promotion whether it is automatic or through the playoffs.

"Obviously Alan has been as frustrated as we all are and he knows the lads' heads have been down, but he is trying to stay positive.

"We have this game at Sheffield and it only takes a couple of wins to get you up there again.

"It was just a little blip last week and although this won't be an easy game we will do the best we can."