Hayden's Hope

Hayden Mullins says it is going to be a difficult game at the weekend - but feels that it is important to put the Preston defeat to one side and come back into action with a stirring performance.

"I see it as a very tough game, but hopefully one we can win," he says.

"What happened against Preston was not the first time it happened this season, so we have to look at grinding out results, holding on to a lead by any means we can.

"One goal should be enough at home especially with the players we have got.

"Both goals were disappointing but we have to work on it and come back stronger; the only plus point is that we are strong away so that is something to build on.

"The fans had every right to be upset last week especially when we had the lead for so long and gave it away again."

Hayden scored his long-awaited first West Ham goal at Wigan in the FA cup recently and he says:

"I was really pleased with that one but it was a shame it wasn't in the league - I'd have swapped it for that.

"It seems every time we even threaten to put a run together something goes wrong but the boys have got to keep their heads up.

"We mustn't let it get on top of us and hopefully we can go on a run now and climb the table.

"We needed a win last week to set us up for Sheffield United but we have worked hard all week in training and we are going there to attack them."

Hayden is looking forward to the return of Jermain Defoe and adds:

"J is a poacher - but the lads that were playing on Saturday are all extremely good in their own right.

"I think if we keep him he can be that extra boost that we need when he comes back."