Anthony's Surprise

Anthony Barness is putting on hold his dream of playing for the club he supports - after a whirlwind week which has seen him recalled to Bolton from a proposed loan spell at Upton Park.

Less than 24 hours after coming to West Ham, Anthony returned to Bolton Wanderers after being recalled by them at Sam Allardyce's request.

MD Paul Aldridge confirms:

"Unfortunately, the proposal has been cancelled for the time being, and Anthony has had to return to Bolton."

As for the man himself, he says:

"I have just found out and I am on the M1 trying to get back up there so I don't know the full details."

"We were going to sign the papers today so obviously there was no contract to say I had to stay down there.

"I am really disappointed because I was really looking forward to trying to start off my West Ham career.

"Hopefully something can be sorted out; I don't know the full situation of why the callback has been so late.

"I was so happy to come down and train to be involved this weekend but now I have to go back up, do whatever I have to do and concentrate on that.

"I have to give my best for Bolton and then think about the possible deal next week.

"I found out about an hour and a half ago; I stopped off at Waltham Abbey and wished the lads good luck before the coach took off and I have had to carry on up the motorway to get back."

To say the least, it has been an unusual week for the confirmed Hammers fan, who adds:

"So much has happened since Tuesday when I played for Bolton; Wednesday I was told I was coming down and Thursday I trained.

"From travelling to Sheffield to play for West Ham I am now on the way back up for Bolton and it has been quite hectic the last few days - a bit bizarre."

His family and friends will be disappointed and he adds:

"I have let my brothers know and I am sure everyone else will find out from this web site.

"I was getting so many calls yesterday when people found out I was going so I imagine by this afternoon I will be getting the same calls again."

Anthony, if he is selected - as one would suppose - at the weekend will be facing Harry Redknapp's Portsmouth, and he adds:

"It is an important game for us at Bolton to push on from the Blackburn win last week and try to not get dragged into the relegation battle.

"So it is a big game on Saturday and hopefully if I do get a chance I can put in another good performance and they can get the three points.

"I'd love to get sorted out but it is one of those things and there is nothing anyone can do about it at the moment.

"At the moment I am still a Bolton player and I am going to do everything I can to ensure they have a good season as long as I am there - and that is all I can do for now."