Duo Sorely Missed

Alan Pardew admits he is badly missing Steve Lomas and Rufus Brevett - but knows he has to accept that they are not currently available.

Talking of the injured pair, he says:

"Rufus came in last week and he is some way off playing for us, don't get me wrong - but he looked a lot chirpier after being very disappointed, so that is good news - and Steve Lomas continues his battle.

"When I first came to the job I was given to understand I would have them by December.

"With both I thought it would be a lot earlier, and that has been a major blow to me.

"But these things happen, and it is one of a number of setbacks we have had this year with things like Jermain's suspensions and so on.

"You just have to take it on the chin and accept it.

"Trevor said to me when Rufus came last year with Les they made a massive impact on the team and you would like to think that Rufus and Lomy in our team would do that.

"But unfortunately they are not there and there is no point wishing for it because that is what we seem to do at West Ham - think about what could have been rather than what needs to happen."