Alan Defends Trevor

Alan Pardew says that the issue of Trevor Brooking not holding the UEFA Pro licence for coaching - something Bolton manager Sam Allardyce has complained about in the light of Trevor's appointment as director of football development - is an irrelevance.

As Trevor himself has said, his job is not to coach the coaches, but Allardyce reckons that his own opinion is shared by other managers.

And the chairman of the League Managers' Association, Howard Wilkinson, has voiced his concerns, apparently on behalf of his members.

But Alan does not share the negativity about the issue - about which no other manager has gone public as yet - and he says, in response to Sam:

"I have got to be honest and counteract that by saying that I have got the UEFA Pro licence and if Sam honestly feels that I am better qualified than Trevor Brooking then he is mistaken.

"I have been through that Pro licence and I can tell you that Trevor Brooking does not need it.

"No disrespect to it, but trust me when I say that he does not need it to do the job that he is doing.

"He needs the knowledge of being a player, a manager, being involved at the board of a football club, and being involved in Sport England at a political level.

"He is a man who possesses great common sense in everything he approaches and does not need the UEFA Pro licence, believe you me.

"He has experience at every level of the game."

He does not even see the licence as being a prerequisite to being a good manager, and reveals:

"There are a lot of managers in the Premier League who have not taken it and are very successful - and I am sure they won't take it.

"UEFA are saying that no manager will be able to manage without it so there will be some system of giving it to them that will be devised, I am sure, because they won't want to sit on it for the best part of 12 months which I had to do.

"There are ways around it, there always seem to be."