Alan On Transfers

Alan Pardew anticipates being able to bring in a couple of additions to the squad on a short term basis - but does not expect a lot of movement overall in the Premiership transfer window.

With West Ham being in the first division of course, he can bring in players right through until late in March, but is hoping that some activity at the top level will allow him to make a move.

"I am still looking for a couple of new faces but I won't be a major player in the transfer window," he says.

"But we hope a couple might get freed up with people moving around - that is what I am aiming for.

"There are a couple of potential loans that I am after but things need to go my way on the transfer front.

"I don't think there will be too much business in general - but there will be some."

Meanwhile, Alan says he thoroughly enjoyed the Bondholders' evening earlier in the week and adds:

"They are passionate fans who have put their money into the club.

"They are entitled to their opinions and there were some strong opinions - but healthy ones, because they are desperate for the club to do well, like we all are.

"I enjoyed the night, I thought it was terrific; fans are the lifeblood of this club and if we lose them we are in big trouble.

"It is important that we do everything for them; the connection between the fan, the manager, and the players is important, that they trust and respect us.

"Hopefully they can see how hard we are working at it."