Tony: Let's Have Some Luck

Tony Gale reckons West Ham are due some decent luck in the cup this season - and hopes to get it all the way to May.

"I think we would like to play first division or second division sides all the way to the Millennium stadium and we will save the glamour until the end!" he says.

"It wouldn't bother me if we played third division sides all the way to the semi-finals and we had the luckiest cup draw ever.

"It is about time we had a bit of luck and about time we had a decent cup run so for me, let's just win the ties.

"Winning breeds the right habit and now it is important to get back top back wins after Forest; once you get going it keeps happening."

Of West Ham's first ever game at the JJB stadium - where the Hammers also end the league season in May - Tony adds:

"When the draw came out, and I have to be honest, I thought ', oh no, it is neither here nor there'.

"We beat them 4-0 at home when they had a couple of players sent off, and we thought it might be a turning point.

"It is a 50/50 chance whether we stay in the competition or not - and it is not a glamorous tie; if you have a chance of getting beaten you want one of those, and if not you want an easy one at home, so it was a strange old fixture.

"But I fancy after a draw we will take them back to Upton Park and beat them."