Pavel Signs

West Ham have signed Pavel Srnicek on loan from Portsmouth.

He replaces fellow keeper Rami Shaaban, who has returned to Arsenal, but Alan Pardew says:

"Steve Bywater is our number one keeper."

Alan, while admitting he has used the loan system to the club's advantage, admits that he feels it is "too wide open."

He explains:

"We have used it well and Norwich have used it well but it will get more complicated near the Football League transfer window.

"We all use it to maximise our chances but I don't think it is good as it is at the moment.

"I think it is eight short term and five long term you are allowed but if you want to build stability short term fixes cause problems.

"It's amazing how many players there are out on loan and it unbalances the picture somewhat; I feel it needs to be tied down, personally.

"The whole system needs to be looked at because everybody is palming people around, and because of it you're constantly looking to tinker with your team, whereas it might suit everybody better if we had our players and we got on with it - if you want to buy a player, buy a player."

"The system is open for abuse because a team might want to loan you a player because they don't want him playing for another club; managers have friends in the game.

"I don't know if it's good for players under contract, good for clubs or good for managers.

"We've had to use it because of the financial climate - but I personally don't believe it is a good system."

As for the Norwich game, he adds:

"We are trying to get where they are and they have a good culture there.

"The run-in we have got is not daunting and we will give it a go."