Trevor Impressed

Trevor Brooking says that the deal to exchange Jermain Defoe for Bobby Zamora and cash represented excellent business for the club.

Although busy with FA matters since taking up his appointment at Soho Square earlier this year, Trevor is maintaining a keen interest in events at Upton Park, and has been impressed with Alan Pardew's transfer dealings.

Talking of the Defoe sale, he says:

"I think the response of people in general has been a realistic one; I must say the longer it went on the longer you thought nothing was going to happen, but then the key factor was Bobby Zamora.

"If you got a striker for a striker plus the money, then it didn't disrupt what Alan was getting going.

"You could see the side starting to play well even when Jermain was out for a month.

"But to get Bobby and the money at that stage knowing that with a year to go on his contract in the summer you might not have got that sort of offer, and Jermain had made it clear he wanted to go, it was a difficult decision to make.

"But the reaction I have had travelling round was that it probably was a good deal for everyone and I am sure we all wish Jermain well.

"He started well at Spurs but I think Bobby will be an important player in the three or four months running up to the end of the season.

"Who knows? He could be back in the Premiership by the start of August, but let's wait and see.

"More than anything I think that although no one wants to see someone like Jermain leaving, it probably was best for all."

Trevor will be at Norwich for Saturday's game, and is looking forward immensely to see if the Hammers can continue their run of good results recently.

"I have been invited by the Norwich chairman and Mark Palios, the chief executive of the FA, is also coming along because it is the opening of their new stand," says Trevor.

"It is a good one for me to come along to, to see that and also to watch a big game which is one I think West Ham can approach with confidence.

"I think, to be fair, from Norwich's point of view they will probably look on it as a home win where they can knock a potential danger out of the way because they are looking good at the top.

"It will be very much a quality game in this division."