Family Business

Watch out for a new six-part drama on BBC 1 this evening - starring a West Ham obsessed family!

Family Business is the name of the series which starts tonight at 9 o'clock tonight - and features Upton Park heavily in part two next week.

It centres around the life of the Brooker family, who are West Ham fanatics - not to mention the builders that work for them.

So too, is Tony Grounds, the award winning writer and director who is the author of this funny and moving tale.

MD Paul Aldridge, who has seen a preview of parts one and two, says:

"I hope our supporters will be able to watch the programme, and look forward particularly to seeing the sequences featuring our ground in all its glory!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes I have seen and I am sure our fans will as well."

An interview with Tony himself will feature here next week.