Christian Happy

Christian Dailly says that West Ham have to build on the two wins on the trot if they are to stand a chance of automatic promotion - and is delighted that preparation on set pieces paid off so well at the weekend.

Looking at the win over Rotherham, he says:

"It was good, a much needed three points and the couple of teams above us had disappointing results so it has squeezed us up a little bit but also we haven't lost touch with the top two, which is important.

"I was determined to score and they sat back a little bit so there was an opportunity to get forward a little bit more.

"I had a better chance in the first half with a header that I skimmed but it was good to get the winner in the end and I think we deserved it by the way we approached the game."

Christian says the value of set pieces can't be ignored, and adds:

"I think we have been better at set pieces; we scored two on Saturday and we scored one the week before, and I scored one earlier in the season.

"A couple of things have broken for us and I think the deliveries have been excellent in the main; when we get that we are always going to give ourselves a chance.

"It is a big part of football and we work hard on it; West Ham have scored very few from set plays since I have been here and we are scoring as many now as we have done so that is encouraging.

"We work very hard all week on it so it is nice to get the win because we felt we earned it."

Christian says the mood of the squad is excellent and adds:

"It was difficult breaking them down because thay sat so deep for the whole game; they had one foray up the park in the first half and ended up scoring off it.

"That could really have kicked some teams in the teeth and got their heads down especially the way it has been going at home but we didn't do that.

"We kept going and kept plugging away, and that is going to be important for us.

"There is a great spirit, no doubt about it, and that is going to serve us well; there has been quite a lot of faces changing and it is a great pool, with experienced lads like Andy Melville coming in to help the young lads and show the lads how to conduct themselves away from football as well.

"We are optimistic but football can kick you in the teeth and we have got to keep going now."

As for whether the Rotherham goal was a Tomas Repka o.g. as announced on the tannoy, he says:

"He was saying 'I think it was in' and the boys are saying 'no chance!'

"But it was an awkward one to clear."

Christian reveals that the presence of the bus driver, Mick - who has never seen West Ham lose, being on duty as he is on away games - was an inspiration and adds:

"The bus driver came in, the lucky mascot, and said 'I am here lads, so we will win' - so he will have to come to every game now!"

As for Nigel Reo-Coker, who made such an impression on his debut, Christian says:

"He is a good young lad and he has a good future ahead of him, because he is confident.

"When you have boys like that have learned good habits when they were younger and are good professionals it gives them a right good chance of having a good career, so anything he gets, if he keeps applying himself, he will deserve."