Adam's Relief

Adam Nowland breathed a sigh of relief when he scored his first goal for West Ham on Saturday - but insists the result was the main thing.

"I felt pleased with the result and we got a clean sheet as well against a very well organised side," says Adam, who grabbed the winner against Burnley.

"They caused us a few problems but the lads stuck together and it was a great result."

Adam is enjoying his longest run in the side and he adds:

"I was personally happy, but I need to keep playing well to stay in the team, because people like Steve Lomas are coming back and want a place in the team.

"But if we keep winning I don't think the gaffer will be looking to change it, so I have to do my best and see where it takes me."

Of the match winner, he says:

"That goal has been a long time coming; it must have been six or seven months since I scored the last one for Wimbledon.

"I have been desperate to get my first goal and maybe that has shown in a few of my shots that I have been snatching at.

"Funnily enough, that wasn't my best strike; it came off the turf, but they all count and it has got us the three points.

"I had a goal celebration planned but when it went in I just took off, and it was lucky that Rufus could catch me - or I would have been running on my own.

"But the team performance was the main thing and we can still improve - we have a long way to go to being our best and that is a good omen because we have won the last three on the bounce and we will start sticking things together, rattling the results in, and hopefully getting some more goals."

Adam admits the first half was a grind and says:

"The first half was tough; I felt our passing was good in patches but there were a few sloppy ones and we weren't really connecting and getting those golden moves going that we are used to here.

"So I can understand the fans' frustration, but they stuck with us, there was plenty of support, and we got the reward for them with the win."

He says Steve Lomas' arrival as a second half substitute made a difference and explains:

"He was a settling influence for us because we were that desperate to get a goal so we were getting a bit raggy all over the place.

"But when Steve went on he shored things up and said the right things - he talks well for the younger lads.

"He has got an influence and that is why he is such a good player - and that is what experience brings you."

Of the 19-man altercation in the second half, he says:

"There were a few niggles during the game because they didn't want to get beat; they are a tough outfit and were desperate for a result.

"They have done well this season; they were unbeaten so we have messed that little record up for them.

"It was getting a bit edgy at the end but the lads were supporting each other; we stick together, we will keep that going, and hopefully that will help us along the season."

As for the sending off of Chris Cohen, he adds:

"We don't want to step over the mark and Chris Cohen has been unlucky; he is eager and wants to put a tackle in.

"That is what the West Ham fans love about him and I didn't think it was a red card, to be honest.

"But he will bounce back from that and be a better player for it; he is not a violent person but he loves to jump into tackles a little bit and it is something that needs to be calmed down - but you don't want to take that out of his game because it makes him such a good player.

"He is always ready to put his head in where it hurts and he was unlucky - but he is a great player with a great future ahead of him.

"He definitely got a piece of the ball and I think it was a rash decision by the referee - the guy was on the floor making a meal of it and the next minute he was up again.

"That happens and maybe the referee has to give himself a little bit of time; but if he doesn't overturn his decision Chris will take it on the chin and be back soon.

"It is just about being sensible and not giving the referee the chance to send you off.

"When he gets on the ball he is a fantastic player and we want to keep him on the pitch.

"But it is an experience everyone has to go through, and he will be better for it."

Coventry is next up and Adam says:

"I'm feeling good and the win helps; we will go there with a bit of confidence and hopefully improve a bit on the performance - and if we do I am sure the result will come."

Coventry scored four away from home at the weekend and Adam says:

"We spotted that; let them come with a bit of confidence but we will burst their bubble.

"We are on the back of three wins on the trot so let's go and get another result."