Alan Looking Hard

Alan Pardew is continuing his search to add to his defence while preparing his side for the Bank Holiday brace of games.

"The search for defenders goes on; I think it is important I get it right because I have a limited amount of money - so I have to try and make sure I get the right players," he says.

"There are a couple of irons in the fire in terms of this window so we will see what happens - it obviously depends on what the other clubs are doing."

He admits that you don't always get what you want exactly when you want - and knows that the timing of transfers is not always under his own control, such is the nature of the market.

He explains:

"The first serious bid for Michael Carrick was two days before the season started so that was tough on us because we had to leave him out, and we have gone five games without him before getting this cash injection.

"You don't always get dealt the greatest hand, and some targets have gone, but there are some we are looking at that are slightly better - but there is no deadline for us."

The transfer window only applies to Premiership clubs in terms of them buying, and when that passes at the end of the month there could be a clearer picture emerging.

But Alan says he will never be satisfied with his squad and adds:

"It is a moving feast and you are always looking to improve your team.

"I honestly feel that the next person we recruit will make us stronger and if we can get results in these next two games, certainly by the time we play Sheffield United, we are going to be stronger than we are now.

"We will get Zamora and Melville back by then, and hopefully one or two new players."