Search Goes On

West Ham are continuing their search for players despite a friendly game on Wednesday not unearthing any new targets.

West Ham played Peterborough behind close doors midweek, and it gave the opportunity to look at a quartet of possible targets, but Peter says:

"There were a few boys that we were having a look at; people keep giving you names of players and we had four trialists in who did okay but we didn't think they were any better than we had at this moment.

"We are looking for quality players to make the squad stronger but we felt from that game we don't need to take our interest any further.

"But we will keep monitoring some of them - the young ones - as we look ahead.

"You can lose players that you don't want to lose and that is part of life in the first division, and we accept that.

"But we are not going to bring people in for the sake of it, we are going to bring them in to better the team.

"You don't just bring in people to make up the numbers, you have got to have quality as well as quantity.

"We are looking to bring people in, there is no doubt, because people could see how thin on the ground we were on Tuesday.

"With three boys making their debuts against Southend - four, near enough, it says a lot; it would be even worse if we got a couple of knocks.

"We had our backs against the wall on Tuesday and showed a lot of spirit and desire but it is difficult to do a man's job when you have no experience.

"We will leave no stone unturned and that is why we put games on like Wednesday."