Trent Bridges Gap

Trent McClenahan is looking to build on his debut at Crewe - and earn himself another contract.

The Australian came on for Hayden Mullins at right back on Saturday after the latter went off with a back problem and says:

"It was amazing - it was something you dream of your whole life and suddenly it comes along; it is the first time the fans have seen me and hopefully there will be many more times to come.

"Of course, I was nervous about whether I would come on or not, but once you get on you just concentrate on the game and do what you do - from here on in you have to push on and do better."

Trent came on at a time when Crewe were starting to press in an effort to retrieve a point, and he adds:

"The other players made it easier for me - and fortunately we managed to hang on and get the points."

As for the step up to competitive football, he says:

"I have only played in the reserves and a few friendly first team games but that was a lot quicker.

"You get used to the pace after the first couple of games and you just need the experience to get better at it.

"I aim to get as many appearances as I can in the first team and I will try to get a new contract.

"If I keep performing consistently every week hopefully I will."

Alan has helped guide him in the time he has been manager, and Trent reveals:

"He says 'keep your head down and work hard, and see what comes of it'.

"Hayden said 'congratulations' after the match, as all the boys did, and it was a good moment for me.

"It is a long journey but you get there in the end and all the hard work has paid off."

Trent came to the club from Down Under as a 16 year old and recalls:

"In my first year I was living away from my parents and the family, the whole environment you are comfortable with.

"But the people at the club have helped me settle in and it is a good set of lads; I would count most of them as my friends now."