Standing In Seated Areas And Reduction Of Allocation For Away Matches

West Ham United FC, together with all football clubs within The Premier League and Coca Cola Championship , is required by law to maintain an all seater stadium. 


The safety certificate, which is issued and supervised by the Local Authority and overseen by The Football Licensing Authority, prohibits standing. 


During last season we were required by these authorities to make a concerted effort to deal with persistent

standing within the stadium and in particular, where it was most prevalent, the Bobby Moore lower tier.


We made some progress and therefore were able to hold off the threat by the Authorities of closure of areas and/or reduction in capacity. 


That threat remains for the forthcoming season, when we will be required to take further action to prevent persistent standing within all areas of the stadium. 


Unfortunately a similar problem has existed with our supporters who travel to away matches. 


In a Football Licensing Authority survey of spectator behaviour last season, our supporters, along with supporters of Leeds United and Cardiff City, were recorded as standing persistently at almost every match.


As a result, all Local Authorities have agreed to consider a drastic reduction in the allocation of tickets for supporters who wish to travel with these clubs. 


Each Authority will be able to reduce the number of away supporters by amending the safety certificate and Nottingham Forest have already been instructed to reduce our allocation to 1500 for the match on 26th September. (Allocation last season 2,800)


Other Authorities are likely to follow suit and the allocation may be reduced further, if our supporters continue to stand. 


We warned all our travelling supporters last year of the consequences of persistent standing and many supporters have now lost the opportunity to support the club at away matches.


The Authorities have demonstrated their willingness to take drastic action and the pressure is upon supporters both at home and away to comply or face the possibility of further reductions. 


Please help the club and remain seated.