Steve: Andy's The Man

Steve Bywater is full of praise for the performance of Andy Melville last week - and hopes there is more to come on Saturday.

With Tomas Repka serving the third match of his three game ban, Andy is expected to carry on at the heart of the defence and Steve loves him to be playing  in front of him.

"He was cool, calm, and collected - it is experience at the end of the day and he has done well on Saturday," he says.

"He doesn't need his pace, does he, Grandad - that's what we call him, and we say he has a walking stick.

"But he takes it on the chin.

"We miss whoever is not playing, such as Tomas, but the whole team played well on Saturday."

Steve appreciated the playing surface at the Britannia stadium and adds:

"The pitch was good, it was a nice stadium, and the lads were up for it - even though it was hot."

Looking to the weekend, he says:

"If the worst comes to the worst and we did lose against Watford, not that we would want to of course, we still have another chance after that at Wigan.

"But we want to win every game and it would be nice to get into the playoffs with a few wins and clean sheets under our belts - it helps the confidence."