Peter: Keep It Up

Peter Grant says that the win over Stoke on Saturday will be rendered meaningless if West Ham don't pick up the win on Saturday against Watford.

The Hammers go into the game in the same situation as last weekend, knowing that only a victory will keep the playoff hopes alive.

"Saturday is forgotten about now; the points are in the bag and we have got to be focused on Watford," he says.

"People will forget about Stoke if we don't win this weekend; there is no such thing as a meaningless game and we have to win our next two games.

"We are going to try our damnedest but it is not going to take anything less than the commitment we had on Saturday.

"It is a great position to be in now and it is in our own hands after we gave it away.

"It has been given back and we have to make sure no one takes it away again.

"I think the lads were excellent at Stoke; we said to them before that if the work ethic in the group is there the ability definitely is.

"That has not changed from day one - we are capable of playing well against anyone but unfortunately we have not done it often enough.

"Saturday was smashing and we got our just rewards with hard work and quality as well.

"All you ask for is that you have a commitment, drive, and determination to succeed - because then everything will fall for us as we definitely have the better players.

"That is no disrespect to anyone else, but we have got players of top quality and if they add a work ethic to that they are capable of achieving anything - but that is in everything they do, trying to be the best in training as well."

Peter is pleased that David Connolly, suspended at the weekend, grabbed the opener, and adds:

"I am absolutely delighted for him; his work ethic is top drawer even if sometimes his quality has not been there and maybe he has not played as well as he can.

"One thing you can never fault him for is his effort - and I was delighted for his goal on Saturday."

It was a goal from nothing and Peter adds:

"We want all our strikers, if there is a half chance, to put it away with one touch, not take three or four.

"It shows that if you have snapshots keepers are sometimes caught unawares.

"We are obviously missing him at the weekend through suspension but it gives someone else an opportunity to come in and give us something else because we have to follow up that performance.

"If anybody steps off the gas we will be punished because we are not good enough to do that.

"It is a difficult week with internationals but the players have to remain focused; we have an opportunity to win these last two games and we know what can be there if we do that - the promised land."

Christian Dailly was a doubt for Scotland midweek with a hamstring problem but Peter has no problems in general with players being away on international duty.

"It is always a great honour for your players but it shows you the quality this club has got when you are talking about three international captains on the pitch in Melville, Dailly, and Lomas.

"That makes a big difference, there is no doubt about that," he says.

"Lomas has come in and been top drawer for us, not just in his playing abilities but in keeping people together.

"People like him are unsung heroes in many respects; he makes sure people are where they should be especially when the team is going through a rocky period, and that has been a big, big plus for us.

"You can only play as well as you can do when you are confident, knocking the ball about - but the work ethic got us there.

"You can't do it the opposite way and try and play nicely then put the work in because it just doesn't happen - and we have proved it time and time again.

"We have tried to play against teams without going into it first and foremost - and those sides have made it difficult for us."

With Jon Harley back at Fulham, Anton Ferdinand has been playing left back and Peter adds:

"He has been excellent; he could have a red backside every week because of the way he goes about things.

"He knows he has got the attributes to be a top player but it won't come easy to him - he has got to work day in, day out to get better.

"As soon as he is sloppy he looks a poor player but when he is spot on in his game and focused he looks a top quality player - and that is what we are looking to get into his mentality."