Four On Trial

A quartet of youngsters have gone to other clubs for brief trials as they look to fix themselves up for next year - but Tony admits it is a tough market at the moment.

George Sealey and Phil Lumsden have gone to Bury, Liam Parrington has gone to Gillingham, and Marce Collington has gone to Colchester on trial in search of contracts for next year.

George and Phil played in the Shakers' reserves this week, helping them beat Wrexham 3-0.

"We have had the boys a very long time and we do try and find them other clubs or alternative employment," says Tony.

"It is a difficult time of year and there are lots of boys in the same position.

"Our procedure basically is to fax all clubs to inform them of the boys' availability.

"Sometimes, if a boy prefers a particular club and asks us if we can make a call to see if they can take them for a day, a week, or some training sessions, we do so.

"We are fairly active in the background of trying to get boys fixed up and a lot of them have people representing them; I wouldn't call them agents at this point but people that look after their interests.

"We are trying to get the boys exposed and playing for other clubs with a view to securing employment for next season."