Michael On Win

Michael Carrick admits he was breathless for a while at the Britannia stadium on Saturday - and not just because of his colleagues' performances!

"They came out of the traps well and in the first 10 minutes I was struggling to get my breath," he admits.

"But it was just a case of acclimatising and especially after we got the second goal we played really well.

"It was good to be back - and win."

West Ham have often found it difficult to kill teams off after going ahead - the loss of points this season when in that situation is testament to that - but this time they finished the job with aplomb.

"It was nice to get that second goal; we were knocking the ball about really well and causing them a lot of problems," he says.

"But to get the goal when you are playing well is really vital.

"We stayed calm and we stayed confident - and we knocked the ball out from the back really well, which we haven't done too much in the last month or so.

"Stevie was passing it to the centre backs and everyone was getting on the ball and enjoying it - and that is when everyone is at their best.

"I think that was as good as we have played all season although we started sloppily in the first half.

"It was good link-up play and when we are playing like that we are the best team in the division - but we haven't done that enough this season."