Steve Looks For More

Steve Lomas hopes his he can extend his truncated campaign by the three playoff games that are on offer - with a win in Cardiff to top it off.

"What I am looking forward to is getting in the playoffs and the ultimate would be to go up - but that is a long way away," says Steve.

"It would also help me extend the season and get a few more games but what I need is a good preseason - I haven't had one for three years.

"That would carry me through the campaign, hopefully I would steer clear of injuries, and I will feel like myself again."

More immediately, though, Steve is thinking of Stoke and he adds:

"Watford beating Millwall was a big thing for us and now it is in our hands - if we win every game we will get in the playoffs.

"If we do reach the playoffs it will be new for me but at the end of the day it is three cup finals to get to them - and if we don't beat Stoke I would have to say it is probably all over.

"It is a time to stand up and be counted and we have to win three difficult games, but it is all there to play for."

Does the pressure help or hinder?

"It can bring an edge to your game - that extra little bit of pressure gets the adrenaline going and is good for your game," says Steve.

"We don't want to go the other way and freeze."

He regards Stoke as good opposition and adds:

"They are going to be competitive, there is no two ways about that, especially at home.

"I think they have been one of the form teams in the last four or five months because in November time they were looking like relegation candidates.

"I think it has coincided with big Gerry Taggart going there; he went there on loan, then signed full time and he has done very well.

"He is obviously doing something right there.

"They are going to be physical but we have to stand up and be counted."