Christian: We Can Cope

Christian Dailly admits there is 'tension' as West Ham go into the remaining games - but feels the players can cope with it.

"It has been okay in training but we know there is still a lot of work to do and we are not getting carried away by the win over Coventry at all," he says.

"It is a bit of a dogfight in there and there is a bit of tension.

"Obviously there is a lot of pressure on West Ham; a lot of the squad is pretty young and I think the senior players have to help.

"It has been good having Steve Lomas back because that adds to the older, more experienced heads.

"He has had such a hard time of it so it is just good to have him return; he is a good voice and we need as many of them as we can.

"You have got to stick together as a team and all the players have to take responsibility of trying to get us into the Premiership."

Christian is delighted that West Ham's destiny is in their own hands again and he adds:

"A couple of weeks ago it looked like it was going to be pretty difficult, but we have given ourselves a bit of a chance beating Coventry, and a couple of results have gone okay for us.

"It is in our hands now and if we keep winning we will be in the playoffs - then who knows what happens from there?

"All you can really hope for is having the situation in your own hands; once it was impossible to finish in the top two that was the aim, and if we win our remaining games no one can catch us.

"But we can't rely on other people; there have been times when we have won when everyone else has as well, and times when if we had won we would have moved up a few places - but we have just concentrate on ourselves."

West Ham are still without the suspended Tomas Repka and Christian adds:

"The defence has changed pretty much all season and it has been difficult at times to play the same defence two games in a row, let alone 20.

"We have got a lot of decent experienced players; Tomas is out but we defended well against Coventry and we will be okay.

"You have to deal with the changes; Hayden Mullins has played at the back, Tomas, Ian Pearce, Andy Melville, and not to mention all the players that have played full back.

"But if the squad is good enough we will cope."

Speaking ahead of the Stoke game, he says:

"They have been going really well and have had a great season; they are sitting comfortably in mid-table but with an extra couple of wins they could have been in with a shout of the playoffs.

"They are safe so they will be playing with quite a bit of freedom - and every time we go anywhere people see it as 'cup final day'.

"It is a super stadium and we are all looking forward to the game."