Alex On Board

West Ham have appointed Alex Dyer as assistant to sports scientist Tony Strudwick.

Alex previously played as a striker for Crystal Palace, Charlton, Blackpool, Hull, Oxford, Notts County and Barnet, and Alan believes his long playing career will stand him in good stead for the job.

"He has a footballing pedigree and I believe his experience will be invaluable to us; he has also done fitness training programmes and worked as a trainer and sports scientist.

"That side of the football club has improved considerably under Tony Strudwick and I feel that Alex will add to that.

"I am trying to get a scientific approach to the fitness side of things right the way through the club and Alex will bring that.

"He is a black coach, and I think that sends out the right signals as well of where we are in an inner London area.

"It is an opportunity for him and an opportunity to take the club forward."

Alan appointed Tony as a sports scientist after he took over this season, and he believes the benefits of his work will really start to show through in the next campaign.

"It will really come to fruition after pre-season," he explains, "because what you do is lay all the foundations of sports science in that period.

"And then you can monitor it all through the year and know exactly where your players are.

"Unfortunately we haven't had that luxury this year and we are really 'double guessing' where the players' fitness levels are.

"That won't happen next year and it will be beneficial for me to manage the club."