Tony On Playoffs

Tony Gale had a double reason to smile when Watford beat Millwall on Tuesday night in the Lions' game in hand over West Ham.

"I backed them at four to one - I couldn't believe the price and, with how the first division is everyone can beat everyone," he grins.

"I thought Watford had a good chance and so it proved to be; my wish came true with Millwall still a point behind us."

With three games to go - or hopefully six including the playoffs - Tony says:

"There are so many clubs around us - although it is in our own hands.

"But it is not an easy run-in; Stoke won't be easy, then it is Watford who just beat Millwall, then Wigan away on the last day - which will be tricky if they need the points themselves for the play-offs.

"But I just can't believe the way it is panning out, with everyone giving everyone a chance.

"There have been so many opportunities for us and other clubs to pull clear but no one wants to do it - it is like the 'reluctant playoffs'."

Tony insists, though, that West Ham can't rely on other clubs to keep dropping points and adds:

"I think the boys just have to concentrate on their own game; there is no good looking around and saying 'what are they going to do?' and 'if we slip up here and they win there' - if you start doing that you take your eye off the ball, and it can prove fatal.

"At the moment I just think they have to get their own house in order and that starts with Stoke on Saturday.

"Whoever gets there deserves it because it is over the season that the results are panned out - and if you miss it you obviously deserve to as well.

"Palace are coming up at the rails and the win over us proved to be vital."