On The Roed Back

A year on from his collapse, Glenn Roeder says he can't wait to get back to work soon.

It was after the Middlesbrough game on 21st April last year that Glenn fell ill and collapsed in his office with a brain tumour.

While much misinformation followed, not least of which that the condition had been brought about by stress, the fact remains that he made a full and speedy recovery - and of course resumed his duties at West Ham in the summer.

He has had a routine six month check-up with the specialist at Harley St. this week - "just a case of 'housekeeping', really " says Glenn - and these will now become even less frequent.

"A year ago what happened, happened - but I have only ever had good news since," says Glenn.

"Dr Gauler, the neurologist, and Mr. Afshar, the surgeon, say everything is exactly as they would want.

"I am fighting fit and I have got some irons in the fire for this summer; I am looking forward to going back to work in the new season.

"I know there are going to be some opportunities to come my way - there are two at the moment, and it is a question of seeing what else comes along.

"The batteries have been completely recharged, not that I think they ever needed to be, but I have had a rest now, kept in touch with football, been to lots of games, and the enthusiasm is burning as brightly as it ever did."

Glenn is appreciative that people he bumps into - including, this week, the boxing promoter Mickey Duff - immediately ask how he is, but, respectfully, suggests there is no need.

"It is lovely people think that way but the fact is that, once I had recovered from the operation, I have always been well," he explains.

Glenn has family and friends who attend West Ham's games regularly - and hopes they will be smiling at the end of the season.

"I have watched West Ham's season with interest and I am looking forward to seeing what the outcome is," he says.

"I still fully expect them to get back in the Premiership next year through the playoffs."