Jobi: Surprises No Surprise...

Jobi McAnuff reckons there will be plenty of twists and turns in the race for playoff places even though there are only three games to go.

Guessing which way the wind is blowing in this division has been as West Ham fans have found out, almost impossible - except perhaps, that his old club Wimbledon nearly as often as not would lose by one goal - and he explains:

"I have been in this division for about three years and it has always been the case; you can never really put a banker on anyone and I don't think anyone would have predicted Norwich flying like they have been this season.

"Anything can happen between now and the end of the campaign so we just have to try and get the results ourselves."

While Jobi acknowledges the generally held belief that West Ham's squad is as good as, if not better than, most on paper, he adds:

"I and a few other players came in at the end of January, and there were others that arrived during the course of the season, so it does take time to get to know each other and for everyone to bed in with each other.

"Considering the amount of players the gaffer has brought in we have done reasonably well.

"Fair enough, you look at the squad and say the quality is there - but it is about getting those quality players to gel as a team."

That team has been changing quite a lot in recent weeks as Alan Pardew examines his permutations, and Jobi had to content himself with a late substitute appearance on Saturday against Coventry.

He is looking for more against Stoke at the weekend, and adds:

"I will try to do as well as I can in the time that I get; Saturday is another massive game and I obviously want to play a part as much as possible - we will see what happens."

Do nerves play a part?

"I don't really get too nervous, to be honest," he says.

"It is harder not being in the team and then coming into the team - it is more challenging to keep yourself sharp mentally so when you do get a chance you are ready to go out and do the business."

Jobi admits he is looking at other results as well as trying to influence West Ham's own, and adds:

"We had a good result with Watford beating Millwall; that helps us out a bit so it is pretty much down to us now.

"We have a better goal difference than Palace so at the end of the day if we win all our games we will be in the playoffs - as simple as that.

"No one is thinking about their holidays yet and we want there to be six games rather than three - that is what is in the players' minds - and hopefully we will be there at the end of May."