Bobby: Just You Wait...

Bobby Zamora admits that it will take him until next season before he has the courage to join the 'conversation' about who takes the penalties!

Bobby earned the penalty that sealed a 2-0 win over Coventry on Saturday to keep the playoff hopes alive - but didn't dare join in the debate between Marlon Harewood and David Connolly as to who should take it.

"I did want to take the penalty but with those two at it there was no chance!" he reveals.

"I am going to have to get involved in that next season...but Marlon was delighted Connors scored, and so was I."

Bobby ran his socks off at the weekend, and he says:

"It was hard work but it was nice to get a goal, be involved in the penalty as well, and get a good result.

"There were three up front to start with and we were told we had to do the wing backs as well - and me, Marlon, and Connors all covered a lot of ground.

"The lads are all working hard again this week and, fingers crossed, hopefully we can carry on the momentum."

Goal difference may yet decide who takes the playoff places, and Bobby feels wronged by the fact that he wasn't awarded an earlier penalty which could have led to an even more convincing score line.

"I definitely thought I should have had two pens; the first one was more obvious than the second but at least we got the win we wanted," he says.

"Goal difference might play a part, but we are going to be working hard to try and get in there, and we know we have to win every game."

Millwall's goal difference, prior to their Tuesday night game with Watford, is plus 10; Wigan's is plus 16, the same as West Ham; Sheffield United's is plus eight.