Tony Undecided

Tony Gale says he has not chosen his own player of the season for West Ham yet - and hopes there will be a late heroic performance to sway him!

"Hammer of the year is a difficult one - I think Matt Etherington has had a good year, but he has had a lot of injuries, hasn't he?" says Tony.

"Come back to me when we qualify for the playoffs and one of the boys is the hero..."

Tony sees plenty of twists and turns yet in the race for promotion, and adds:

"It looks like we will have to win all four games but there is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to be going on yet, I think.

"Teams have to play each other, and everyone is beating everyone; even when you are playing mid-table sides like Coventry, points can be lost.

"It is a vital game and we have wasted so many points lately that we have got to win this one."

As for the state of the playing surface at Upton Park, Tony says:

"I don't think the pitch helps as far as fast flowing football is concerned.

"But it doesn't help other teams either, we haven't put in performances in the last four away games, and that has cost us dearly."

Tony hopes that diligence on the field will be rewarded and adds:

"We have to really go for it and I think the crowd are owed one or two at the moment.

"They will certainly be cheering us on and there will be another big crowd there - so we have got to try and do something.

"We haven't played with a passion and a fire particularly away from home - and the Derby game wasn't the best, either.

"We really have to pick it up and give it a go - the crowd can spot hard work a mile off - and once they do that they really get behind the players."