Steve: Let's Keep It Going

Steve Bywater says the players owe the fans after recent performances - and he is determined to play his part in helping keep the season alive.

"We have got a good fan base here and it good that they turn out every week," says Steve, back from a two match ban that ruled him out of the Easter programme.

"We just try and do our best and will try and get a win and make our fans happy.

"Not only have we let them down but we have let ourselves down as well.

"We can bounce back from the defeats and hopefully we will put a run together.

"We need that good support at home from them but at times they expect quite a bit.

"We expect a lot from ourselves and sometimes the 0-0's lead to a few boos.

"But there are high expectations at this club and the club deserves to be in the Premier League.

"We know ourselves we can do better than we have been doing - and hopefully we can show that on Saturday."

Steve is itching to get back to action and adds:

"I want to play and I need to play but, regardless of that, hopefully the lads can win.

"I have been playing every week and when I wasn't over Easter I felt like a bit of a spare part.

"If I am picked I will do my best."

As for the final run-in, he says:

"Realistically, we should win them all; we have got Wigan away, which will be a good game, and the three before that will be good, competitive matches where teams are scrapping for points everywhere, whether at the bottom or the top.

"We have got to win the games but we have to be patient against Coventry - if it is 0-0 at half time, so be it, there is another 45 minutes to win; we are not in the game to lose."

Do nerves play a part - especially for a goalkeeper, whose mistake could be vital?

"You don't think like that; you go out there positively and hopefully the mistakes won't happen," says Steve.

He is concentrating on his game rather than contract talks and adds:

"I haven't been offered anything yet - but the main thing is getting promotion."

MD Paul Aldridge confirms that the club are looking to keeping Steve and says:

"We are talking to his representatives and the dialogue is positive."