Aussies On Trial

West Ham are giving a trial to two 22 year old members of the Australian Olympic Games squad.

Jade North, a right back, and Wayne Srhoj, a midfielder, both currently ply their trade with Perth Glory having been with Brisbane Strikers and Sydney Olympic.

The pair enjoyed their training session at Upton Park on Thursday, and are scheduled to stay until Wednesday of next week.

Jade says:

"It was quality and good to see first team football over here; it is a lot sharper and quicker than back home and there are obviously great players.

"I was happy with myself today and it will get better as it goes along - hopefully I can impress.

"I have known for about a week and a bit about the trial; now we have got the ball rolling and we are here to show what we can do.

"Anything can happen in football so I will give my best and see how we go.

"You learn a lot from these players and you will obviously become a better player if you stay here - it would take my footballing career to another level."

Adds Wayne:

"I am enjoying it and I am over the jet lag after it took 18 hours to get here.

"You have to impress straight away and the set-up is excellent."