Steve Frustrated

Steve Bywater faces a frustrating Easter as he sits the two holiday games out through suspension - but says that will be compensated for if the side wins the matches and goes on to secure promotion this season.

"I am disappointed not to have got the win before the ban but there is nothing I can do about it now," he says.

"I will just have to sit it out and watch the lads do well."

Pavel Srnicek, signed on a free transfer from Portsmouth until the end of the season, takes over for the games against Derby and Crystal Palace, and Steve says:

"He will be focused on the game on Saturday; he is a good pro and he will do a good job.

"Hopefully we can take our vengeance out on Derby and Crystal Palace, as we did on Gillingham the week before after the Millwall game.

"As long as the lads win and get promotion, and I am in the squad that gets into the Premier League, I don't care, really."

Steve says the players hold their hands up for the loss at Reading on Saturday, and adds:

"It was a bit quiet for a bit afterwards and then we were saying that we need to be men and not go out there and give performances like that again.

"We just need to sort things out; the manager is doing a good job but the players themselves need to perform better.

"The manager speaks well and tells us what he expects of us and we need to go out there and do better than that, because it is not fair on the fans.

"The expectation is to get into the Premier League; and Saturday was not how you do it - it was poor."

Steve always has a post-match talk with his father, who comes to every game, and he adds:

"You take the advice you want and you use it to the best of your ability, but we weren't good enough on Saturday.

"Form is fickle and class is constant and we need to be class - it is no good winning one and losing another."

The Hammers have lost to Sunderland, Millwall, and Reading in the last three away games to end an excellent undefeated sequence on the road and Steve admits:

"They have been top sides who have beaten us, but we should be beating them.

"It was very disappointing at Reading but I don't know what went wrong, really.

"It was like the Millwall and Sunderland games and we were quite embarrassed.

"That is three away defeats in a row and you can't keep doing that if you want to get promotion.

"Things happen in threes and hopefully it has gone away now."