Wayne's World Fine

Wayne Quinn says he is settling down fine at West Ham - and looking forward to Sunday's clash against Millwall immensely.

"I am thoroughly enjoying my football," he says. "It is a great set of lads and I am happy here. Apart from Gillingham the results have been going for us.

"We have passed the ball well and created some good chances overall."

He admits, though, that the defeat at Gillingham was a huge disappointment and adds: "Trevor Brooking said that Gillingham would be like chalk and cheese from the Crewe game and we went there thinking we should get the result - but they got the goal and went on to win.

"It was a poor result for us and the best response was to come back after being two goals down at Cardiff to win; we scored three goals and put on a good performance.

"We had a new shape and in the opening minutes were getting everything sorted but after the initial 20 minutes I thought we played brilliantly and they couldn't compete with us."

He admits to being at fault for the first goal at Ninian Park when Jason Bowen beat him, and adds: "I have played against him before and I know he likes to go on the outside. I stupidly committed myself on the wrong foot thinking he was going to cross it but it was a little touch that took him past me.

"I could have brought him down but I didn't want to do that; I misread it, he got past me, they scored, but I didn't let my head drop.

"It was an unforced error and I won't let the same mistake happen twice.

"I had a lot of the ball, didn't give it away, and you have to get over it because it happens to the best of players.

"I had to dig in deep and get on with it - as did Pearcey when he slipped for their second - and that is what we did as a team to get a result.

"I felt we defended stoutly from the front after that and we all knew what we were doing; every one of the players wanted the ball and we passed them off the park, literally.

"I was told we had something like 26 shots and I guess the possession was something like 70-30 because in the second half we had all of the ball and I can't remember being in a game where it was so one-sided.

"We had the ball all the time and we felt, even at 2-0 down, that we could win the game - and I think that shone through.

"I don't know what happened at Gillingham but I think it was similar when the team lost to Rotherham. It is these teams' cup finals and a potential banana skin for West Ham United.

"But I think West Ham know now what it is about, and it is all about winning the second balls when the other team lumps the ball forward.

"That is the most important thing and that is what we need to win, whereas against the teams that play football you can always nick it.

"That showed on Tuesday because to be fair to Cardiff they did try to play football, and we just out-passed them."

As for Sunday's fixture against Millwall, Wayne adds: "I have been told about it; I didn't realise it was such a big derby but the lads were saying it was a massive game and the atmosphere will be electric.

"I didn't know it was that sort of game but, now I do, I am thinking of arriving at about 6am!

"I am looking forward to it. I played against Millwall last year at the Den and they are a good, physical side who get it forward quick.

"Apparently we haven't played them for about 10 years so the atmosphere will be unbelievable, with extra security and police.

"Obviously Millwall has a reputation but we are looking forward to it and if you win the tough games you get more of a special feeling - and that is what we need to do.

"Trevor said on the training ground 'imagine Dennis Wise on the left and Tomas Repka on the right' - it should be fireworks and it should be fun.

"We all know about the fighting character of Millwall but I think we should get a result; it will get a bit fiery, I should imagine, but you have to be sensible.

"We don't want it going off like Man United against Arsenal. We want to keep our heads and play the game properly as it should be played, and if that happens I think it will be good for both sides, both sets of supporters, and the neutrals who get to watch.

"We have to compete and, especially with it being at West Ham - where I have only played once so I am looking forward to playing there again - if the team do what they know they can and believe in ourselves I don't see it being a problem, although it will be tough.

"Hopefully we can go and get a result in a good atmosphere; it was brilliant in the Reading game and the fans got behind the team.

"We gave a good account of ourselves with good attacking football and I think it will be the same on Sunday."