Time Will Tell...

Trevor Brooking still doesn't know when, as he puts it, he will make a "hasty retreat" from the role as caretaker manager of West Ham - but admits it could be soon.

And the four victories he has masterminded since taking over this season have left him thinking about 'what might have been' when his name was suggested as a possible candidate to take over from John Lyall in 1989!

Those observers, then as now, who wanted a West Ham man to take over the reins, thought Trevor would be the ideal candidate but the board of the time plumped for Lou Macari, who was in charge for less than a season before resigning - a decision that he has admitted here he regrets.

As for Trevor, there are no second thoughts about whether he should have taken the job all those years ago - and he is not about to reconsider now!

"I think at that stage I was just working on the sidelines," he recalls, "and someone on the board asked some question about people shortlisted at that stage.

"Probably the actual managerial scene wasn't that lucrative from a longer term point of view as the area I was in at the time and I never tested it out.

"I suppose when I did it at the end of last season and doing it this it has been a bit different - but it is a caretaker role and at some stage I will beat a hasty retreat.

"There is a day off now to talk through the situation and the main thing is the confidence is there.

"I don't know when it will happen but for Crewe I was always pretty sure I was in charge because Tuesday night was a quick turnaround from the weekend.

"We will find out how we have moved on and will know a lot more soon."

Trevor feels, meanwhile, that David Connolly's yellow card - his fifth this season - after a collision with Crewe goalkeeper late in the game Clayton Ince was harsh and says:

"I thought David got splattered and it was a harsh yellow card; he will be suspended if that is justified so we will have to look at an appeal.

"As for the game, I have not won by more than the odd goal before so it was pleasing; we really passed it well and the whole team played well.

"Once we weathered the opening 15 minutes of the second half we were comfortable."