Why It Was Wayne

Trevor Brooking says that he favoured signing Wayne Quinn on loan over his Newcastle United team mate and fellow left-back Robbie Elliott because of his attacking ability.

He explains: "Wayne has settled in and it was a case of one or two being available at Newcastle because of their situation going out of the Champions' League.

"One or two of our lads knew the full-backs and Wayne played quite a lot in this league while at Sheffield United.

"He uses the ball well so he should slot comfortably into our style of football. It was inmportant to get him in, certainly for the start of this spell of seven games in three weeks, because we are more than likely to pick up another injury or two along the way.

"We were becoming worryingly thin without the depth that we need.

"There were two that Bobby Robson had available, they are two different types of player with Robbie very experienced and a couple of years older than Wayne, who likes to get forward.

"As sides might defend against us we thought he might slightly be the one to be in favour from an attacking point of view."