Trevor: Wait And See

Trevor Brooking admits that the club is "in limbo" at the moment - as he continues as caretaker manager against Reading at the weekend.

"At the moment it is really a situation that seems to be in limbo as such and naturally everyone has just got to get on," he says as West Ham continue to wait for the right successor to Glenn Roeder.

With Alan Pardew having resigned as Reading manager this week, it is case of caretaker versus caretaker with Kevin Dillon in temporary charge of the Royals.

"The fact that the two clubs play each other is naturally difficult but it is really what emerges from then," says Trevor.

It could well be he is still in charge for the midweek visit to Crewe and he adds:

"In the meantime we have already had a look at Crewe because there is a game on Tuesday night that we have also got to prepare for.

"So I will just keep ticking along in my role as long as it takes to see who we find."

Trevor did not originally see himself still being in charge after the end of international fortnight, and he adds:

"There was that lull for a couple of weeks and when I said I would step in again for that caretaker role I said I would do it until we felt we had the right person, somebody then who could do well to put us in contention for this season.

"Until that situation arises I suppose I am quite content to jog along although naturally it is better resolved sooner rather than later because it gives that person the opportunity for the larger part of the season."

As for the issue of who made the interest in Alan Pardew's services public after West Ham made a proper approach to Reading to ask for permission to speak to him, Trevor explains:

"I think when the question was first asked I believe it was when I was travelling out to Macedonia; obviously it was publicised at the other end on their web site.

"So when I got there it was on the news and everything - an hour after the question being asked it was there that the approach had been rejected.

"There was no need really to bring that out into the open but once it was that is how the situation has been drifting along ever since; I was as surprised, though, as anyone it was in the public domain - and that doesn't help either side.

"You'd have preferred that to be done more quietly than publicly because at the time we were trying to draw up a shortlist and then perhaps ask the question of what the availability was - and then suddenly you're in a situation where it's become more public, which doesn't do anyone any favours.

"I can understand any club if they're losing someone they don't want to lose; but I wanted whoever comes here to feel they were the one that was wanted and, whatever happens, that is a grey area at the moment.

"At the moment you can't speak and we have not spoken; then obviously the situation has developed a bit at their end but I am not sure how it gets resolved or moved on, quite frankly, so in the meantime we just carry on as we were.

"But it was always going to be the case that we would have to look elsewhere if the situation drags on indefinitely and we have got other names on our shortlist.

"It's a massive period for the club and not one anyone's enjoying but we're trying to rectify it as quickly as we can."

He reiterates, though, that he will not be persuaded to take the job himself on a permanent basis, adding:

"I've been here 19 years as a player and never hidden the fact that I've been a fan before, during and since. Most of the fans feel I want the club to be as successful as possible.

"Yes, I'm in football, but primarily looking at the Premiership and internationals - and you've got to look at something different now which is why you need the expertise of this division."

As for the game itself, Trevor says:

"I think they will look on West Ham as one of those sides that are looking to bounce straight back into the Premiership and they will know they want to be judged against them.

"A lot of people think Reading will be there or thereabouts and will try and play to their strengths; they won't change or be fazed by anything in the build-up and I am expecting a very very tough game.

"It's a difficult situation; I expect their players to be fired up - but I expected them to be whatever the situation as this is a big, big game.

"They will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season and they are unbeaten so far so it's as big a test as any of them.

"The fans were fantastic in the last home game and I think we are going to need them in the game against the sort of opposition we have in Reading."

As for injuries, with Rob Lee hoping to bounce back, Trevor adds:

"We have one or two emerging this week and we have to see who is emerging; we have one or two fro whom it will be a late decision but it would be a shame to disrupt the side too much.

"If at all possible you want to play your best team but we have to make sure that whoever plays in this game is right because no one can cruise on half fitness."